Introducing Natural Light Throughout a Dark Home

Solatube tubular skylights provided the home with a functional and aesthetically pleasing daylighting solution

Homeowners Gabe and Carmen immediately knew they had found their forever home when they first stepped foot into their soon-to-be ranch-style home. But after moving in, they quickly noticed that one major thing was missing in many of the rooms. Their living room, mud room, hall and bathrooms had all fallen victim to darkness from lack of natural light – keeping them from having the dream home environment they always wanted.


“Once we got all our things in the home, the space felt small due to the lack of natural light,” said Gabe.

We wanted to do something that would drastically make the home more inviting and livable.”

After trying out a few electic lighting solutions that did not meet their aesthetic goals, they knew natural light was the only way to achieve their envisioned design – so, they decided to do some research on the top daylighting solutions.

This led them to the Solatube website where they used the Solatube Premier Dealer Locator to find their local Solatube rep, Solatube Home.

After speaking with the daylighting and ventilation experts at Solatube Home, they scheduled a free consultation to learn more about tubular skylights and Solatube ventilation solutions.

They decided to install Solatube tubular skylights across the entire home to brighten, refresh and completely transform each dark space and create a more vibrant and healthy environment.

In the living room, an outdated fan was replaced with a square 14” Solatube 290 DS Tubular Skylight, making the main part of the open floorplan feel much bigger and more inviting. The tubular skylight in this space was also outfitted with a Light Add-On Kit for evening use and a solar-powered Daylight Dimmer.

“The solar-powered Daylight Dimmer is genius! It’s perfect for watching movies midday or taking an afternoon nap,” added Gabe. “The remote-controlled system easily allows us to have the exact amount of natural light we desire at any time of the day.”

To bring natural light into the master and guest bath without sacrificing any privacy, a 10” Solatube 160 DS Tubular Skylight with integrated Light Add-On Kit and integrated Ventilation Add-On Kit was added to each space. The combination of these features in a single place on the ceiling instantly brightened and modernized each of the spaces.


“We love how our Solatube tubular skylights can be outfitted with a light and ventilation add-on,” says Carmen. “It’s all the things we need in the bathroom from a single fixture. Our ceiling looks so clean and contemporary.”

A square 14” Solatube 290 ISn Tubular Skylight with Light Add-On Kit was added to the hallway, replacing a can light. This was a perfect addition to the home as it created a much more welcoming environment for the path to the master bedroom and guest rooms. Additionally, this system also includes an integrated solar-powered NightLight. The soft, moon-like glow is ideal for safely lighting the way for nighttime trips to the bathroom.

In the mudroom, the couple decided on adding another square 14” Solatube 290 ISn Tubular Skylight with an integrated Light Add-On Kit, making the space more welcoming and less cavernous throughout the day.

“The Solatube products have been amazing and have changed our home more than we could have imagined,” adds Carmen. “Having natural light throughout the home makes it feel so much brighter and healthier, giving us more energy for daily life.”

By running the Whole House Fan in the evening to cool the home with natural fresh air and having the Solar Attic Fans run automatically throughout the day to keep the structure of the home from overheating with the sun, Gabe and Carmen were able to create a wonderful environment for their young family while cutting their energy costs in half.

Additionally, their commitment to eco-friendly solutions has not only resulted in lower energy bills but also significantly reduced their carbon footprint. Gabe and Carmen take pride in knowing that their sustainable choices not only benefit their family’s comfort and finances but also contribute positively to the environment by reducing their home’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

“We love our Whole House Fan, it’s such a game changer compared to traditional air conditioning,” adds Gabe. “Using fresh air to cool our home at night before hot summer days, instead of using recirculated air, helps improve our sleep and provides an extremely comfortable environment for our family. It is remarkable how fresh our home feels, and that is an impressive feat given our culinary mishaps – five minutes and the smoke is gone!”


Do you have a dark space that’s keeping you from fully loving your home?

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