Flora Arca Mata Elementary Stockton Unified School District Stockton, CA

Challenge: Provide a flexible and comfortable learning space for educators and students by designing an innovative, energy-efficient, future-proof modular campus.

Brentwood School

  • Gen7 by American Modular Systems
  • First Net Zero Energy Classroom in Los Angeles
  • LEED Gold Certification

We’ve used Solatube for over a decade. It’s a standard for all GEN7 Buildings and available as an option on all other project lines. It’s familiar, reliable, flexible and the industry leading daylighting solution for schools.

– Tony Sarich, VP of Operations, American Modular Systems (AMS)

Willow Grove Park, San Diego CA

Adding tubular daylighting devices to park restrooms helps conserve electricity during daylight hours even on gloomy days.

Modular Buildings

Meeting Daylighting Needs for a Changing World

Solatube is the innovator and market leader of tubular daylighting technologies and has completed many successful daylighting designs in the modular building space, pioneering product solutions that specifically address the challenges of applying daylighting technologies to modular construction.

Advantages of using Solatube Tubular Daylighting:

  • Daylight in any space in nearly any climate
  • Highly consistent &controllable light output
  • Superior thermal performance
  • No glare or shifting patterns of light
  • Energy efficient
  • Accessories for complete lighting control

Advantages of using Solatube Tubular Daylighting in the modular space:

  • Suitable for short plenums and narrow rafter spacing
  • Flexible tubing
  • Endless possibilities – modular system
  • Able to accommodate shipping and transportation complexities

Services Available

  • Design Assistance
  • Testing and code information
  • Technical details
  • System performance analysis
  • Daylighting modeling
  • Certified installation

Project Assistance

We are here to help! Our modular building specialist is a daylighting industry expert who:

  • Assists with product selection and system design
  • Helps identify exact daylighting needs for your project
  • Models alternate design solutions when needed
  • Provides daylighting inspiration package with images that can be shared with your clients and design team
  • Designs solutions with your exact budget and performance goals in mind
  • Provides budgetary pricing during conceptual design and design development

We invite you to expand your awareness of the advantages of daylighting using Solatube tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) that contribute to health, wellness, and energy efficiency.

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