Garage Fans

At Solatube, we have both powered and solar ventilation solutions to remove heat and odors from your garage, man (or she) caves, workshops, and outbuildings. 

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Being COOL is a breeze.

Garage fans make a huge difference in the enjoyability of your garage. Whether you’re working on your car, your fitness, or your next great project, you want to keep the harmful fumes and heat out. At Solatube, we have the solutions to keep you comfortable.

Lowers the temperature and improves your comfort.

Improves the air quality.

Prevents excessive heat, mold, and moisture accumulation.

Ventilation solutions for every garage configuration.

Solar Roof-Mounted Fans

Open ceiling garages 

Solar roof-mounted fans are an ideal solution for garage and storage spaces with open ceilings, especially when the sun is beating down on your garage’s roof and there’s no insulation. The solar fan runs all day without adding cost while keeping the entire space cool.

Advanced motor technologies with progressive designs, delivering exceptional power and performance.

Solar-powered saves energy and reduces your utility bills. They also qualify for a federal tax credit, saving you even more.

Using a thermal switch, the fan will turn off when it gets cold and turn itself back on when the temperature gets hot in your attic. 

Powered Garage Fan

Closed ceiling garages

For garages with attic space above them, you want to keep both spaces cool, and the structure protected from elements. The powered garage fan features fire-rated damper doors, and a Comfort Control remote providing custom settings at your fingertips.

 High Powered Efficient Motor/ Fan Assembly with five engineered blades for maximum CFM.

 Spring-loaded fire sensing damper doors prevent fire from spreading and meets garage fire rating requirements.

 Designed to optimize airflow and fits between ceiling joist. No structural modifications are needed. 

Solar Interior-Mounted Fan

When you’re as busy in the garage below as in the living space above it, a solar interior-mounted fan is a great solution to keep you comfortable. The solar panel sits discreetly on your roof to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

It easily mounts on the side of the wall.

Turn any vent into a powered vent.

The solar panel sits discreetly on your roof to maintain your home’s curb appeal.