Professional Services

Service as exceptional as our products

When it comes to building design and construction, you’ve already got your hands full. You don’t have time to become a daylighting expert too.

Our established network of Solatube Certified Commercial Distributors are trained to help you with every aspect of your building project. These factory-trained daylighting and installation experts make the process of selecting and specifying Solatube products quicker and easier, so you can spend your valuable time on other important project deliverables.

They provide full-service support … from the early stages of defining your project scope through the final stages of building sign-off … and are in every market nationwide. So, no matter where you are, you can find a Solatube Certified Commercial Distributor with the knowledge and experience to help make your project a success.

Design Services

  • Obtain turnkey product recommendations early on to optimize the daylighting opportunity in terms of site location, building size and orientation
  • Get hands-on assistance with Solatube product selection, system design and detailed daylighting calculations, so you can develop better lighting designs and free up more time for other tasks
  • Acquire detailed product and installation information relating to your specific project, so you can confidently present your proposal to clients

LEED Impact Analysis

Receive a free and comprehensive LEED impact analysis that details how Solatube products can contribute to the achievement of LEED milestones.

Lighting Calculations

  • Let us help you create advanced proprietary lighting calculations that ensure proper product selection and save you time by determining the ideal model and configuration for your project
  • Request IES files of daylighting selections for easy coordination with other lighting components

Continuing Education

Earn free AIA or GBCI credit while learning about tubular daylighting devices via in-person presentations or online access to courses through Hanley Wood University.

Contact a Solatube Certified Commercial Distributor for details.

Spec Writing

Ensure specifications are written properly and save time with spec writing assistance from knowledgeable experts.

Certified Installation

  • Utilize professional installation services for quick, easy and cost-effective placement of all Solatube products
  • For online assistance, access the Technical Resources page for self-serve resources such as BIM models, product cut sheets, CAD drawings, and more.

Compliance Documentation

Obtain necessary compliance documentation with existing project specifications to support your Solatube product selection.

For online assistance, access the Technical Resources page for self-serve resources such as BIM models, product cut sheets, CAD drawings, and more.