Solatube joins the Kingspan Planet Passionate sustainability program—including this partnership with Seabin.

We are excited to share that Kingspan Global and Seabin have partnered up to launch the first ocean clean-up initiative for Los Angeles, California.

We at Solatube International are very proud to be part of the Kingspan Light + Air family. Although we continue to operate as an independent company under the Kingspan Light +Air umbrella, we will be joining the Kingspan Planet Passionate sustainability program—including this partnership with Seabin—and their commitment to supporting five ocean clean-up projects around the world by 2025.

Marina del Rey, the largest man-made marina in North America, is the second location in Seabin’s 100 Cities by 2050 campaign.

Seabin LA is on! from Seabin on Vimeo.

According to the United Nations, 300 million tons of plastic waste is produced each year – and more than 17 million tons of plastic ends up in oceans. Seabin’s game-changing technology skims the surface of the water to collect plastics, microplastics, fibers, and other foreign objects that should not be in waterways. The collected debris is recycled or sent to a waste management facility. Seabin’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for Seabins.

The success of Seabin’s Sydney campaign saw the likes of Discovery Channel, Yamaha, IBM, Ben & Jerry’s, and more come on board as corporate sponsors and partners to help save our oceans. We are delighted Kingspan is the first corporate partner to sign up for the LA campaign—leading the charge for change.

On October 13, our team at Solatube International will be joining Kingspan Light + Air for the Patagonia X Seabin Santa Monica community event at the Patagonia Santa Monica Store, located at 1345 3rd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA.

The event will take place from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm and will be an exciting evening of environmental solutions where we will explore how you can get involved to solve some of the planet’s biggest problems and empower each other to take the next steps.

The event will also include special panel guests from the business for good, enviro, tech, and innovation spaces. Tickets are free but space is limited. You can reserve your spot here.

This program also complements Kingspan’s other sustainability initiatives. For example, their 2020 Planet Passionate report highlighted 573 million plastic (PET) bottles recycled into insulation manufacturing processesplacing Kingspan on track to upcycling 1 billion PET bottles by 2025.


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