Beat the Heat! Solatube Launches New ClimaSense™ Series Solar-Powered Attic and Garage Fans

The new fan offers optimal ventilation and temperature control all day and night.

As the scorching summer temperatures continue to rise, finding effective ways to beat the heat becomes a top priority for homeowners. We are proud to introduce our highly anticipated ClimaSense™ Series Solar-Powered Attic and Garage Fans.

The combination of direct sun beating down on a home and lack of adequate ventilation can significantly raise the temperatures in a home’s attic and garage, which can then transfer to the rest of the house. This can force the air conditioning system to work harder, raising energy costs and even causing structural damage. This latest addition, our residential ventilation product, tackles this issue head-on. Our ClimaSense™ Series Solar-Powered Attic and Garage Fans revolutionize home climate control by providing optimal ventilation and temperature regulation in attics and garages all day and into the night.

The Future of Home Ventilation

The ClimaSense™ Series Solar-Powered Attic and Garage Fans are engineered with integrated sensors that detect temperature and humidity changes, automatically activating the fan to maintain desired conditions. During the day, the fan is powered by the sun’s free daylight. At dusk, it seamlessly switches to house power and continues running for four hours into the night.

Did you know that you can enhance your home’s overall thermal efficiency by pre-cooling its attic before the next hot day? Our ClimaSense™ Series lowers your entire home’s temperature, reduces the strain on your air conditioning system, decreases air conditioning costs and creates a healthier environment for your family.(1)(2)

Meeting Customer Demand

Our solar-powered attic fans have always been a customer favorite, and many have asked for a way to extend their use into the night. Well, we listened. The ClimaSense™ Series now sets a new standard for attic and garage ventilation, providing unparalleled control over indoor climates and effortlessly eliminating unwanted humidity and excessive temperatures.

Customizable Consistent Ventilation

The ClimaSense™ Series offers year-round protection, delivering consistent ventilation regardless of weather conditions. It mitigates heat and humidity in the summer and prevents moisture, mold and ice damming in the winter.(1)(2) The system offers two operational modes: one based solely on desired temperature and one that intelligently responds to real-time humidity in addition to temperature changes.

Options for Every Home

We love offering our customers a wide selection of ventilation products to fit their needs. Whether you need a powerful fan or an internally mounted option, we have the perfect solution.

  • ClimaSense™ RM 2400: The RM 2400 is a powerhouse in attic and garage ventilation. With its industry-leading 35-watt solar panel, this beast ensures relentless power generation to maintain attic cool comfort, even after the sun goes down.
  • ClimaSense™ RM 1500: Equipped with a 16-watt solar panel, the RM 1500 is the superior ventilation solution for compact attics, providing continuous humidity-busting airflow into the night.
  • ClimaSense™ IM 1500: Designed for internal mounting, the IM 1500 converts passive gable, dormer, powered and outdated whirlybird vents into an active, solar-powered venting system.

Peace of Mind and Savings

We are confident in the reliability of our product, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty on the solar panel and motor and a five-year warranty on the electronic controllers. Additionally, our ClimaSense™ Series Solar-Powered Attic and Garage Fans are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit on both the product and its installation! This means you not only save on air conditioning costs but also benefit from significant savings on the product and installation. But there’s more! Thanks to our extensive network of Solatube Premier Dealers, you won’t have to wait weeks or even months to upgrade your home. With Solatube, you can expect expert same-day, two-hour installation.

Upgrade Your Current Fan

Already own a Solatube Attic or Garage Fan? No problem! You may be able to upgrade your current fan to the ClimaSense™ Series. All you need is a constantly powered outlet in the attic or garage to ensure the unit functions properly after dusk. This upgrade allows you to enjoy the advanced features of the ClimaSense™ Series, including intelligent temperature and humidity control, enhancing your home’s climate efficiency day and night.

Ready to beat the heat and enjoy a cooler, more energy-efficient home, day and night?

Take control of your home’s climate today with our new ClimaSense™ Series Solar-Powered Attic and Garage Fans by visiting or calling 888.SOLATUBE to schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation with your local Solatube Premier Dealer.