Do Tubular Skylights Save Energy?


Yes, learn how Solatube Tubular Skylights bring natural light into even the hardest-to-reach rooms, helping homeowners cut down on energy costs while enhancing their interior spaces.



When it comes to operating costs, even the most advanced light bulb cannot compete with an age-old natural resource–sunlight. And budget-minded homeowners are now realizing that in order to keep their energy costs to an absolute minimum, there’s no better strategy than to forgo electric lights during the day.

With beautiful, abundant, and totally free sunshine pouring down on the roof every day, making the most of this light is only a matter of letting it inside.


Many ask: Do skylights save energy? Our answer: Yes!


For those seeking to capitalize on sunlight as a way of lowering household energy bills, Tubular Skylights may be the affordable and versatile solution you are looking for. Whereas traditional skylights are basically windows on the roof, the Solatube Tubular Skylight works in a very different way.



First, its leak-proof, impact-resistant, and self-cleaning optical dome harvests sunlight on the roof (even when the rays arrive at an angle, as they do in winter).

Next, the sunlight travels down into the home through highly reflective tubing that not only extends to distances up to 40 feet but also pivots easily around would-be obstructions like rafters and joists. In this way, thanks to their unique design, Solatube Tubular Skylights can deliver sunlight virtually anywhere in the home, even to first-floor bathrooms, hallways and closets.

Best of all, installation takes hours, not days, because the system requires neither changes to the house framing nor repair to the ceiling or walls indoors.


Up until fairly recently, most people viewed skylights as luxuries–attractive and desirable, perhaps, but luxuries all the same. Luckily, with the rise of new research, case studies, and design standards, more people are understanding the importance of daylight as a source of interior lighting that drives human health, productivity, and happiness–in addition to substantial energy savings.

With Solatube Tubular Skylights you’re not saving money on lighting only to lose money on heating and cooling your home. At Solatube, we have sidestepped those issues with products that have been designed and manufactured for optimal thermal performance. Our Energy Star rated systems deliver daylight without upsetting the temperature of the home. Helping you save money while making your home a more beautiful, healthy place.


Ready to cut down your energy bill and transform your home into a brighter and cheerful space?


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