Tubular Skylights 101


Bringing natural light into a home is a relatively easy prospect, provided the room is adjacent to at least one exterior wall. Windows and glass doors have been flooding interiors with natural light for centuries. But when an interior room is in need of daylight, the options become far more limiting.


Are tubular skylights any good?

Since the 1980s, tubular skylights (a.k.a solar tubes, light tunnels, and/or daylighting devices) have been gaining popularity as an easy way to bring natural light into just about any room of the house. Here at Solatube, we have revolutionized daylighting with out energy-efficient tubular skylights, and have given homeowners the ability to brighten their spaces in a much smarter and more efficient way than ever before.


What are tubular skylights?

Tubular skylights, like the name suggests, are tube-shaped devices that, through a rooftop lens and reflective-lined tube, capture sunlight and deliver it to the interior space of a home or office. The skylights consist of three main components — a rooftop collector, a tube and an interior diffuser.


How do tubular skylight work?

A tubular skylight uses a rooftop dome to capture the sun’s rays. The light is then transferred indoors through a highly reflective tube-shaped duct. A diffuser mounted in the ceiling disperses the natural light to the room below.

Solatube Tubular skylights can be configured easily to avoid attic obstructions and deliver the natural light where it is needed. Installed in hallways, laundry rooms, bathrooms and walk-in closets, tubular skylights not only help lighten interiors but help homeowners save on electrics costs.



What to look for when shopping for a tubular skylight

Though the parts may appear similar from system to system, not all tubular skylights are created equal. Technology makes a big difference in lighting performance. You’ll want a product that delivers the full spectrum of light so that you get the brightest and whitest natural light possible.

Look for a tubular skylight that is suitable for your roof style and manufactures with built-in, leak-preventing flashing. Also, choose one that offers adaptability in terms of tubing configuration and carries the Energy Star label, guaranteeing thermal performance and efficiency.

Lucking, our Solatube tubular skylights check all of the boxes – performance, adaptability, and efficiency.

Solatube Tubular Skylights are designed with a patented light-capturing dome that redirects low-angle sunlight and rejects overpowering midday summer sun to deliver a consistent natural illumination throughout the day. The Spectralight Infinity Tubing promotes maximum sunlight transfer with pure color rendition. And, the tubular skylights can be outfitted with a variety of flat, recessed and decorative-mount ceiling fixtures, along with warming and softening lenses, ventilation, dimmers and occupancy sensors.





Interested in joining the tubular skylight revolution?

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