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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too, a Solatube Solution to Fit Every Need

DIY and home decor influencer Sarah McGill, shares her journey of installing two Solatube tubular skylights in her family’s bonus room.

Mother of two and home decor influencer Sarah McGill knew she would need help when looking for a way to bring natural light into her family’s bonus room. Due to the space being in the center of the home, the only source of sunlight it received was from the two doorways leading to other rooms.

“While this room is primarily a playroom, it also doubles as a theater space. Since it’s also used as our family movie room, being able to darken the space when decided was important,” said Sarah.

Due to this caveat, Sarah knew that a traditional skylight wasn’t the answer to her problem because she couldn’t control the amount of daylight. Instead, she revisited her old friends at Solatube InternationalSarah had used Solatube tubular skylights in her previous home and loved the results. Her only concern was her neighborhood HOA. She knew she would have to obtain approval to install our standard domed-covered skylights since they would sit up on her roof. Our Architect Series, which features a low-profile collector, eliminated this issue and gave Sarah a sleek look on the roof that didn’t require special HOA approval.

Since the playroom is also used as a theater, Sarah’s next concern was that she needed to be able to darken the space when desired. 

Her local Solatube dealer, Sola Solutions, recommended our Solar-Powered Daylight Dimmer to solve this concern.

The Daylight Dimmer includes a remote-controlled, solar-powered baffle that opens and closes at the touch of a button. The convenience of our dimmer system allows Sarah to welcome beautiful natural light in the space and quickly dim the tubular skylights at any time with an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use remote.

“The daylight dimmers have become one of my absolute favorite features. I had no idea this was an option when researching daylighting solutions, and it really pushed this product over the top for us. This feature did allow us to have our cake and eat it too,” said Sarah.

When planning the installation, Sarah wanted to put her Solatube tubular skylights where her existing recessed lights were. Since they were removing the existing artificial lighting in the room, she also added the Universal Light Add-On Kit to both of her tubular skylights. 

The Light Add-On Kits easily attach to the inside of the daylighting system’s tubing to deliver lighting at night, preventing unnecessary clutter on your ceiling. 

 A Solatube Solution to Meet Every Need

“It seemed like there was a feature to address every concern we had. The overall effect of the tubular skylights placement made them seamless with my design vision for this space. It feels like my house got bigger,” said Sarah.

The two Solatube tubular skylights filled the room with an abundance of natural light, making it look and feel larger and more refreshed while eliminating the need for electric lights during the day. With the help of two of our beautiful round fixtures in white, the Solatubes blended elegantly into the space. 

Sarah wasn’t only impressed with the results that her Solatube tubular skylights produced in the bonus room, but she was equally impressed by how easy and quick the entire process was. She loved how our team was able to be in and out, leaving only beautiful daylight behind. In many cases, our certified Solatube technicians can install a Solatube in your home in as little as two hours without any significant structural modifications.

“Not only did Solatube address the dark space, but it was also only a one-day install. They came out first thing in the morning and were done by the end of the day…. it felt like no one had even been there by the time they cleaned up and left,” said Sarah.

The installation not only exceeded all of Sarah’s aesthetic expectations but will provide an array of health benefits she did not consider- including reducing eye strain and anxiety, stimulating productivity, promoting better sleep and many more. These benefits will specifically impact Sarah’s young daughters, who will utilize the space as their playroom. 

Sarah and her family now have a bright, beautiful and healthy space, perfect for making memories with each other and their friends and family-a true Solatube solution.

“We no longer avoid spending time in our bonus room and find ourselves seeking it out as a family hang-out spot. It is a joy to no longer dread walking into this space. The Solatube tubular skylights really transformed how we feel, spend time and share this part of our home,” concluded Sarah.

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