Applications now open for 150,000 Kingspan MICROHOME Architectural Competition

Applications now open for 150,000 Kingspan MICROHOME architectural Competition

Kingspan is delighted to be partnering up with Buildner, the world’s leading organizer of architectural competitions, for the MICROHOME Kingspan architecture competition. The partnership symbolises a shared commitment to drive forward sustainable and innovative architectural design, without being restricted by size.

Applicants are invited to design an off-grid modular dwelling that would accommodate a hypothetical young professional couple. The total floor area of the structure shouldn’t exceed 25m2, encouraging participants to utilize their creativity and innovate within these parameters. Participants are challenged to radically rethink spatial organization, to introduce distinctive aesthetics, and to implement state-of-the-art technologies and materials.

There are no geographical restrictions on the hypothetical sites for the designs, allowing for unlimited creativity. Designs that prioritize sustainability and offer solutions to social, economic, and cultural challenges will receive preference.

There is a total prize fund of €150,000 for the campaign with €40,000 set aside for a special Kingspan award. The Kingspan award is a distinct honor given to applicants who choose to utilize any of the Kingspan products listed below in their design:



Use of these products is optional, but those who do have the chance to qualify for the additional Kingspan award. A noteworthy aspect of the competition is that a single project has the potential to win both the primary competition prize and the Kingspan award. This dual-win possibility provides an added incentive to explore and integrate our products.

Commenting on the competition, Siobhan O’Dwyer, Global Head of Marketing and Public Affairs at Kingspan Group, said:


“We’re delighted to be partnering with Buildner. Here at Kingspan, we are on a journey to introduce new lower embodied carbon solutions within our product portfolio, and also to introduce new bio-based products along with other innovative solutions for low-energy and healthy buildings such as natural daylighting and rainwater harvesting.

We hope that this competition will be a fun and creative way for architects to discover and use these products for inspiring microhome architectural designs”.

More information on the competition and details on how to apply can be found here.

Applications to register for the campaign close on 29th April. The final date for submissions is 30th May, with the winners announced on 24th July.