Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

 Solatube International once again hosted the 2023 Scouts BSA “STEM” Merit Badge Day at its Vista headquarters


At Solatube International, we recently had the privilege of hosting the 2023 Scouts BSA “STEM” Merit Badge Day at our headquarters in Vista. It was a day filled with inspiration and learning as we welcomed the SDIC Palomar Zone scouts, their parents and program staff to our bustling hub of STEM activity.

Our parking lot area was transformed into an engaging space where young, brilliant minds gathered to share their enthusiasm for STEM. Throughout the event, scouts immersed themselves in six captivating learning stations strategically placed around our Oak Ridge Way and Cousteau manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters.

But it wasn’t just about learning. It was a day for scouts to showcase their skills and earn badges in engineering, inventing and sustainability. We’re thrilled to share that we had an impressive turnout with 54 scouts participating, and they were joined by parents and program staff, bringing our total attendance to close to 200 attendees.

At Solatube, one of our core values has always been community engagement, and events like this exemplify our commitment to fostering the next generation of inventors, engineers and sustainability champions. We’re excited to see the incredible contributions these young minds will make as they grow into the future leaders of STEM, paving the way for a more sustainable and innovative world.

Join us in celebrating the bright future ahead as we continue to nurture and support our Planet Passionate Communities, the philanthropic arm of our Planet Passionate 10-year sustainability program, through events like the Scouts BSA “STEM” Merit Badge Day. Together, we are shaping a more sustainable and innovative world.

About Planet Passionate and Planet Passionate Communities

As part of Kingspan Light + Air, our mission is to accelerate a net-zero emissions future-built environment with people and the planet at its heart. Planet Passionate is our 10-year global sustainability program through which we will help build a clean energy future, manage the earth’s resources more sustainably and protect our natural environment.

Planet Passionate Communities is the philanthropic arm of Planet Passionate, which strives to support people and communities around the world while promoting sustainable practices using responsibly sourced materials. Learn more.