Illuminate Your Home with Natural Light this Earth Day

Save money and improve your health with natural daylight

Soak in the benefits of free, natural solar power from nature’s original light source.

This Earth Day, Solatube International is looking to bring more natural daylight into homes everywhere to not only save money and energy but improve the quality of life for homeowners as well.

To honor Earth Day on April 22, 2023, we are sharing the benefits of bringing natural daylight into your abode through Solatube Tubular Skylights:

Natural Light can Improve Your Mood and Health

The positive impact of natural daylight on our mood and health is a well-known fact. Research shows that exposure to daylight (as a source of interior illumination) can increase the levels of serotonin, a hormone that regulates our mood. So, if you’re feeling low, spending time in a room with plenty of natural daylight can be helpful.

In addition, natural light aids in the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Therefore, if you’re having trouble sleeping, exposure to natural daylight during the day can be beneficial when it comes time to sleep at night.

Scientists at the Lighting Research Center (LRC), in Troy, N.Y have even reported that quality exposure to daylight can result in improved comfort, mood and productivity and decreased stress and rates of depression.

Natural Light can Improve Your Productivity

If you’re looking for a way to increase your productivity while working from home, then you should consider adding more natural daylight to your workspace. For one thing, natural daylight can help improve your mood and make you feel more alert, which can lead to better work performance. Additionally, a study by Dr. Alan Hedge, a workplace design expert and professor at Cornell University, even found that natural light has been shown to decrease eyestrain by 51%, drowsiness by 56% and headaches by 63%.

Just think about it. Picture yourself working at a computer in a dimly lit room. After a while, your eyes will start to feel tired, and you may even get a headache. Now, picture yourself working in the same room with lots of natural light. The difference is clear.

Finally, natural light can help create a more pleasant work environment – and if you’re happy with your surroundings, then you’re more likely to be productive.

Natural Light can Save You Money

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your energy bill, then adding more natural daylight to your home is a great place to start. Cost-effective, energy-efficient and eco-friendly, a Solatube tubular skylight floods rooms in the home with beautifully diffused, (free) daylight. No electric lights are needed during the day, drastically reducing energy bills for the home.

Natural Light can Make Your Space More Beautiful

Beautiful and fresh, with better color rendering than even the best halogen bulbs, natural light is one of a home’s best assets. A well-lit space with Solatube tubular skylights makes all the difference when it comes to creating a cheerful and beautiful home.

Ready to join the daylighting revolution?

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