How to control glare and fading

We’ve all used a “hand visor” before. You place your hand across your forehead at eyebrow level to shade your eyes from the sun’s glare. While using a hand visor outdoors is fairly common—especially during midday—doing this inside your home may indicate a problem with your tubular daylighting device (TDD).

The purpose of a TDD (also known as a solar tube, light tube, light tunnel, sun pipe or tubular skylight) is to light your home using bright, natural light. The problem is that many rooftop domes allow in so much of the sun’s brilliance that it creates glare, making you squint to block some of it out.

Solatube Raybender 3000 Technology filters out unwanted glare and ultraviolet rays. Solatube Daylighting Systems are designed to prevent glare during peak daylight hours.  The secret is Raybender® 3000 Technology, a series of Fresnel lenses built right into the Solatube dome. This specially designed lens filters out overpowering midday rays, letting in only those that are comfortable on your eyes. This provides you with consistent  daylight from morning through late afternoon and prevents throbbing headaches caused by squinting.

The Solatube dome also delivers a secondary benefit by rejecting ultraviolet rays. If allowed to enter your home, these rays can fade your carpets, furniture and clothing. The special acrylic used in the dome blocks nearly 100% of the ultraviolet light, so everything in your home retains its original color.

When it comes to TDDs, not all dome technology is created equal. Make sure the system you choose delivers consistent and comfortable daylight by transmitting the wavelengths of light you want and filtering out those you don’t.

Do you have windows or skylights that produce glare in your home? How have you tried to control it?