Happy Anniversary Solatube!

Making the world a brighter, happier, healthier place, one Solatube installation at a time.

From an ancient temple in Egypt to the iciest places in the Arctic Circle to storm shelters across the United States and homeowners in over 122 countries, there are no limits to Solatube shining light on what is important to us!

Using patented technology, tubular daylighting devices (also known as tubular skylights) harvest daylight at the rooftop, transfer it down a highly reflective tube and distribute it evenly into an interior space through a diffuser at the ceiling — on both sunny and cloudy days — with virtually no maintenance. It floods interior spaces with beautiful, natural light at no cost once installed with no heat or cold transfer.

The first Solatube product was sold in 1991 and today more than 2 million people have improved their homes with Solatube tubular skylights. From kitchens to closets, laundry rooms to bathrooms, homeowners have added tubular skylights to every imaginable living space, creating a happier and healthier home environment.

Millions more have enjoyed the physical and mental benefits of Solatube at offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, department stores, grocery stores and athletic facilities.

From residential to commercial, each Solatube installation has helped to conserve resources and protect the environment for a better future.

By conservative estimates, we have sold enough Solatube tubular skylights to offset 137,180,000 pounds in carbon emissions annually. That equates to taking 11,430 cars off the road for a full year! – Image if everyone used daylighting to light their homes and offices!

For Solatube, 30 years of innovation and thought leadership has evolved into cutting-edge daylighting products that will continue to deliver energy-efficient solutions that inspire and shine pure, natural light on residential and commercial spaces across the world.