Daylighting the All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) Facility  

As a part of the Kingspan Light + Air family, Solatube is proud to participate in Kingspan’s global Planet Passionate initiative – a sustainability program to help reduce the world’s carbon emissions by 45% by 2030.  

Kingspan is very “passionate” about the role buildings can play in the fight against climate change and believes advanced materials, building systems, and digital technologies hold the key to addressing these issues. 

When designing the All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) facility in East Stroudsburg, PA, management decided to scrap the original artificial lighting plan and go for an alternative – sustainable – way of lighting the facility. Due to the success of the daylighting design in the California facility, the design team decided to install Solatube Daylighting Systems in the Pennsylvania facility, too.

45 Solatube Tubular Daylighting Systems with integrated LED light kits were installed throughout the office areas and canopy entryway at the AWIP facility in Pennsylvania.

Tubular daylighting is a top lighting system that distributes sunlight throughout interior spaces that otherwise wouldn’t receive natural light. This top-lighting approach captures sunlight through a dome on the building’s roof, with technology that brings it in from virtually any position within the sky. The light is then sent down a highly reflective tube (whether through open ceilings or drop ceilings), into the space below through fixtures that deliver beautiful, diffused natural light.  

Tubular daylighting is a simple, energy-efficient, and cost-effective method of capturing natural daylight and distributing it through a workplace while minimizing heat gain.  

Quality daylight illumination can influence virtually every aspect of a workspace in a positive way…including:

The Solatube Daylighting System with integrated LED light kit is an all-in-one system that uses the integration of natural light and traditional electric light from a single fixture for a cleaner, aesthetically pleasing ceiling appearance and nighttime illumination. 

Solatube distributor, Modernfold, used 41 SolaMaster Series 750DS-C units for the office spaces and four SolaMaster Series 750DS-O units for the entryway. Solatube Daylight Dimmers were also fitted to specific office spaces, allowing staff to adjust room daylight levels simply and easily. 

Occupant well-being and productivity 

Scientists at the Lighting Research Center (LRC), in Troy, N.Y have reported that daylit environments increase occupant productivity and comfort, and provide the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms and the production of serotonin. Additionally, “The Future Workplace Employee Experience Study” found 78% of employees say access to natural light and views improves their wellbeing and 70% report improved work performance.” 


Improved energy costs 

Electric lighting accounts for 35% to 50% of the total electrical energy consumption in commercial buildings. By generating waste heat, this lighting also adds to the loads imposed on a building’s mechanical cooling equipment. The energy savings from reduced electric lighting through the use of proper daylighting strategies can directly reduce building cooling energy usage by an additional 10% to 20% and can reduce up to ⅓ of total building energy costs.  

Enhanced employee morale and comfort 

Studies have found that workers feel better, safer and have less anxiety when they have access to daylight because it creates a sense of physical and mental comfort. Additionally, a good daylighting design can also inspire by enhancing architectural features in a special way, infusing emotion and completely transforming a space. And who doesn’t need a little inspiration now and then? 


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