Community First: Scouts Gather at Solatube International for Annual “Be Safe” Merit Badge Day

Solatube International’s commitment to community runs deep, and we continue to find meaningful ways to make a positive impact. 

Solatube International made the local San Diego news for hosting the Scouts BSA “Be Safe” merit badge day.  More than 70 Scouts (boys and girls) earned their Safety, Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness merit badges.

The goal of the fire safety merit badge is to help Scouts develop the knowledge and the skills necessary to prevent fires and burns and also survive them. Part of the badge requirement involves drawing a home fire-escape plan, creating a home fire-drill schedule and conducting a home fire drill along with testing a smoke alarm knowing what to do when they smell gas or smoke.

The requirements for the safety merit badge help Scouts understand how they can prevent accidents and crime. Scouts inspect their homes for hazards. They learn to be aware of things like the location of fire exits in buildings and to stay alert to dangerous situations in the community.

As part of the event, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department gave a presentation. Deputy Coleen McMahon talked to the Scouts about her role and emphasized the importance of safety in the community and being prepared for emergencies. McMahon also discussed what Scouts can do to help bring safety to the community.

In all, over 200 individuals (youth and adults) visited and learned about Solatube International!

“Supporting events such as the Scouts BSA “Be Safe” merit badge day is incredibly rewarding and is an effective way of building corporate awareness and goodwill within our local community!” Neall Digert, VP of Innovation and Market Development.

The “Be Safe” merit badge day is just one of the many ways Solatube International actively participates in community initiatives. From organizing fundraisers for the Vista Community Clinic to conducting local beach and neighborhood cleanups, we are proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve and actively support causes that make a difference.

On a global level, Solatube International and our parent company, Kingspan Light + Air, are actively involved in Kingspan Group’s Planet Passionate Community initiative. Kingspan Group has joined forces with organizations like GOAL, the international humanitarian response agency, to develop critical infrastructure with sustainability at its core, in healthcare and education.

Stay tuned for more updates on our community involvement and how you can join us in creating a safer, cleaner, and more vibrant community for all.