OptiView® DaylightShaping™ Diffuser

Our new OptiView® DaylightShaping micro-replicated lens technology allows us to modify the lens patterns to achieve different light distribution spreads for different visual effects. While the opportunities are seemingly endless, we are initially launching two different options for our Brighten Up Series:

  • OptiView Superwide provides increased high-angle illumination and extraordinary wall washing.
  • OptiView Wide provides even, horizontal, ambient illumination for our most common applications.
  • OptiView Narrow allows highlighting of objects.

Keeping things simple isn’t always easy, especially when working with sunlight. With the New OptiView Shaping Diffusers, keeping ceiling planes simple is a given. The new OptiView diffusers provide a contemporary frost-like look no matter which option you choose. They blend harmoniously to the ceiling plane and to each other.

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