Closed Ceiling: 330 DS-C Round Fixture

The SolaMaster 330 DS is designed to maximize light output at any time of day. It effectively captures low-angle rays in the morning and late afternoon, and collects high-angle rays at midday for powerful performance. It is ideal for lighting expansive spaces with dropped ceilings where variances in light levels don’t create an issue for occupants. The new SolaMaster Round Ceiling Fixture features an ultra-low profile with minimal ceiling intrusion that is virtually flush. It provides a new contemporary, modern option for designers to incorporate Solatube daylighting in hard ceiling applications as well as T-Bar applications.

  • Tube size ≈ 21 in. (530 mm)
  • Potential tube length ≈ 50 ft. (15 m)


  • Office / Corridors
  • Restaurants
  • Retail spaces

Technical Resources: CAD Drawings, Cut Sheets, Architectural Spec, Install Instruction, BIM Modeling

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