0-10v Daylight Dimmer

0-10V Daylight Dimmer

At times it may be necessary to reduce the amount of daylight in a building. The optional 0-10V Daylight Dimmer uses a patented butterfly Design to adjust daylight illumination levels. The 0-10V Daylight Dimmer does not come with a controller.

Lutron® DVTV 0-10V Controller

Individual or multiple Daylight Dimmers can be controlled using 3rd party 0-10V controllers. These can be simple or very complex, depending on the application. Solatube provides a simple option for most applications, the Lutron® DVTV 0-10V Controller. This controller can be ordered in addition to the 0-10V Daylight Dimmer, or a 3rd party controller can be sourced.

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