Beat the Summer Heat: Solar-Powered Attic Fans

The summer months are rapidly approaching, and in certain parts of the United Stated, this can mean some extremely hot temperatures!

Read below to learn how you can beat the summer heat this year.



The combination of direct summer sun beating down on your home and lack of adequate ventilation can significantly raise the temperatures in your attic. Eventually, the heat trapped in the attic will then transfer into other rooms in your home, making your everyday living spaces hot and uncomfortable.

While the typical remedy to the summer heat is usually blasting the air conditioning, this can be very expensive.


How do you cool down a hot house?

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking or Google searching questions like “How do I cool down a hot room?” or “Why is inside my house always hotter than outside?” Then it’s possible that your home has poor ventilation and a Solar-Powered Attic Fan could be the saving solution this summer.

Attic fans are a low cost and low maintenance addition to traditional air conditioning. They work by cooling and ventilation the space, bringing attics to outside temperatures instead of allowing them to warm to extreme temperatures. They’re also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, relying solely on solar power.


Still wondering about the benefits of an Attic Fan? We’ll answer some of the residing questions you might have below:


Do Attic Fans Actually Work?

Absolutely! Attic Fans are specifically designed to properly ventilate to reduce both heat and moisture.

They operate by pulling hot air out through a roof vent, drawing in cooler outdoor air through existing vents located along with the soffits (on the underside of the roof overhang).

New air then comes in through the windows and circulated throughout your entire home.


Will an Attic Fan Help Cool My House?

Yes! The process can be accomplished very quickly, cooling your living spaces down within the span of minutes and lowering the temperatures in your home by up to 30 degrees.

The exchange of stale, warm air for fresh, cool air alleviates pressure (and ultimately, cost) put on your air conditioner.


Do They Make Quiet Attic Fans?

They sure do! Solatube Attic Fans use a brushless motor and lightweight, non-corrosive fan blades designed with quietness in mind. By harnessing the sun’s energy, the Attic Fans use no electricity to effectively ventilate your home, and their whisper-quiet operation won’t interfere with your day.


Does a Solar Attic Fan Save Money?

Yes! Solatube Solar Attic Fans are powered entirely by the sun, and so they cost nothing to operate once installed.

And while the solar power component can greatly reduce your utility bills and save energy, a solar attic fan can also save you money in less obvious ways. For example:

  • The heat and moisture that gets trapped in your home as a result of extreme weather can potentially cause expensive damage such as mold growth and the rotting away of key structural framing in your attic.
  • Excessive heat exposure can also cause damage to the undersides of your roof shingles. Installing a solar Attic Fan can prevent some of this damage and save you from spending thousands on costly home repairs.

Another added bonus? You can get a 26% Federal Tax Credit on purchase and installation. Talk about a deal!


Should I turn off my Attic Fan Once Summer is Over?

No. The beauty of the Attic Fan is that it has year-round benefits. No matter what the season, airing out your home is important to maintain a healthy air environment.

When the temperature outside begins to drop, activities that you conduct in your home, like cooking, showering, laundry, running humidifiers, all generate humidity. The excessive moisture then makes it way up to the attic and gets trapped. The trapped humidity can then rot away the supporting beams of your attic, causing roof damage and mold, mildew and fungus growth.


So you think you need an Attic Fan?


Here’s how to check if you have an unventilated or under ventilated attic:

  1. Touch your ceiling on a warm, sunny day. A hot ceiling tells you that the attic is acting like a solar oven, raising your cooling bills and cooking the shingles.
  2. Inspect your attic. Signs of poor ventilation include rafters and ceiling joists that are dampened/blackened with mold, matted insulation and rusty metal fasteners like screws, nails and staples.
  3. Examine your attic vents. There are many things such as leaves, dirt and twigs that are blocking up the vents, making the passage of air through the vents more difficult. Use a step ladder to reach the soffit vents and bring an old paintbrush with you to clear them.

Installing a Solatube Attic Fan has the potential to save you and your family thousands in home repairs and utility bills. They can make your air conditioner run more effectively and smoothly, while also purifying the natural air in your home. Their self-sufficient, solar-powered nature also allows you to feel like you’re doing your part for the planet, which can be incredible rewarding.


Feeling inspired and want to get started?

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