Are Your Facilities Prepared for Hurricane Season This Year?


The 2021 hurricane season is upon us, and once again, the US can expect an above-average season. The experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict anywhere from 6-10 hurricanes with 3-5 of those at a CAT 3 level or higher. As we continue to see, year- in and year- out, higher frequency and increased intensity of hurricanes, experts agree that we must continue to strive for greater preparedness for our communities.

One way to do this is for local governments to dedicate portions of public space facilities to ICC 500 storm shelters and FEMA P-361 safe rooms for communities to use during hurricane events. These facilities are built to provide safety and protection in the event of a hurricane using tested and verified building materials as well as construction methods that will ensure occupant safety while sheltering during the storm.

Many community storm shelters serve dual purposes as recreation centers, senior centers, gymnasiums, etc. The challenge is to create a space that meets the storm shelter code without sacrificing the overall design. Some elements of storm shelters such as windows can be very expensive in storm shelters as they either have to pass the rigorous ICC 500 testing or additional penetration protection to keep occupants safe. The high price tag can often get windows pulled from a storm shelter project which leaves these spaces without access to beneficial daylight.

Until now, the only daylighting products that have been compliant for use in an ICC 500 storm shelter or FEMA P-361 safe room were very costly window systems and storm doors.

Today, Solatube International is proud to have achieved another daylighting-industry first with their ability to daylight an ICC 500 storm shelter and even a FEMA P-31 safe room using the SolaMaster 750DS tubular daylighting device (TDD). The Solatube 750DS O is the only roof top daylighting device in the world compliant for use in an ICC 500 storm shelter and FEMA P-361 safe room – even in CAT 5 territory. In addition, the 750DS-O adds perfect daylight to your shelter without the costly additions of penetration protection such as window systems or storm shutters. Now daylighting your shelter, does not have to level your budget. Effective, tested and safe.

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