Now it’s official.
Nothing competes with Spectralight Infinity.

Independent lab tests identify the industry’s greatest visible light transfer efficiency.

Optical Reference Laboratory has established the standards for testing specular reflectance across a variety of wavelengths and found that Solatube’s Spectralight Infinity tubing leads the industry by a longshot in the transfer of visible light, as well as reduction of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) impact.

Optimal Light Transfer

With 99.6% reflectivity, Spectralight Infinity provides maximum transfer of light, even over long distances.

No Color Shifting

Spectralight maintains the full spectrum of light wavelengths, so full rendition is maintained.

UV Filtering

With total blocking of all ultraviolet wavelenghts, Solatube products keep room occupants from harmfull rays and contents from fading.

Total Infrared Blocking

With 100% filtration of infrared and resulting heat, Spectralight Infinity minimizes impact on the thermal envelope of the building.