Solatube Salvages Six Sunless Spaces

In the past, if you wanted to illuminate an interior-located room, you were forced to use artificial lighting. Over the years, countless brands have introduced their version of a skylight to the market. Unfortunately, skylights in the past presented a series of problems from leaking, structural concerns, installation cost, time and money and the inability to access lower floors in multi-story homes.

When Solatube International burst onto the daylighting scene a little over 30 years ago, they knew they wanted to transform the industry. Thanks to advancements in daylighting technology, Solatube was able to create a skylight that can introduce natural light to virtually any space in your home. See how Solatube tubular skylights were able to turn six sunless spaces into bright, inviting havens that not only save energy but also enhance the well-being and aesthetics of your living environment.

Multi-Story Home? No Problem

One thing that continues to separate Solatube tubular skylights from traditional skylights is the ability to deliver daylight to virtually anywhere in the home, even to the lower floors of a multi-story home.
Conventional skylights can only introduce daylight into spaces directly beneath the roof. A Solatube tubular skylight uses more advanced technology to deliver daylight up to a distance of 40 feet from the roof.

From sunup to sundown, a Solatube tubular skylight captures the sun’s rays through a high-utility dome or the new, sleek, low-profile collector. The light is then transferred downward through the world’s most reflective tubing. Designed for minimal light loss, it easily maneuvers around obstructions, requiring no structural changes. When the light reaches the interior, it is delivered evenly throughout the space through specially designed diffusers and decorative fixtures.

Stairway to Heaven

When thinking about daylight, many people forget about their dark, windowless halls and stairways. One reason for this is these spaces often don’t have access to an exterior wall, forgoing the option of installing a window. Not to mention, the cost and hassle of installing a traditional skylight above a stairway isn’t worth it for many homeowners.

But many homeowners (and their contractors) are beginning to realize that Solatube daylighting systems are an easy and affordable solution. Since Solatube tubular skylights require no structure changes and often only take a couple of hours to install, they can relieve a homeowner of the cost, time and mess usually associated with installing a skylight.

Let There Be Light (and Ventilation)

A windowless bathroom or laundry room doesn’t only lack natural light, but it restricts airflow—leaving the space feeling hot and stuffy. This, plus the added moisture from showering or a constantly running washer and dryer, can lead to a buildup of harmful substances like mold.

To save you and your home from possible issues down the road, the Solatube Ventilation Add-On Kit combines daylighting and ventilation into one attractive fixture, leaving your rooms humidity-free and your ceiling looking orderly and uncluttered.

Indulge in Daylight

Windowless rooms aren’t the only ones getting the Solatube treatment. Solatube tubular skylights can assist in consistently delivering daylight to even the brightest rooms without worrying about where the sun is in the sky. Not to mention, in spaces like your bathroom and closet, it provides all of the light without surrendering any of your privacy.

Lighting Up After Dark

During the day, Solatube tubular skylights capture sunlight, no matter where the sun is in the sky. But that doesn’t mean the party stops after the sun goes down. You have the option to add the Smart LED system to any Solatube tubular skylight. The built-in energy-efficient bulbs easily attach to the inside of the system’s tubing and automatically turn on when light levels recede, at sunset, or on a cloudy day, while preventing unnecessary clutter on your ceiling.


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