Solatube Home Listed as a “Top 20 Hottest Franchises of 2021”

Throughout history, people have sought ways to brighten the interiors of the places where they live and work. And no light source is more perfect than the sun for providing light. It’s naturally bright, free and, contrary to a light bulb, never burns out. Harnessing and transferring that perfect light indoors is the foundation of Solatube Home.

Thirty years ago, David Rillie helped invent a unique product that has proven to be a boon for humanity by helping millions of people harness and enjoy natural sunlight, thereby bringing down their dependability on electricity for their light requirements saving them their hard-earned money. He shares, “The Solatube story began in the 1980s when a lone Australian inventor created a product that revolutionized the way daylight was brought into homes. After being patented, this device became the first Solatube produced ever sold and the catalyst that transformed the daylighting and ventilation industry. After the Solatube Tubular Skylight product was invented. Solatube Home was established to install these revolutionary products for home owners.”

Limited competition

Solatube Home is a brand which is known for brightening and cooling homes all throughout southern California.  It has installed natural light and ventilation products in over 100,000 homes. With their self-invented product line, they have not only created their own niche in the home services sector business but have also given millions of people an option to bring down their power usage and many entrepreneurs an opportunity to own their business. “Our mission is to exceed your expectations with our incredible service and energy-efficient products,” affirms Josh Rillie, Director of Solatube Home.

“We have created our own niche in the home services sector business from a product that we invented. Our unique business model allows franchisees to install natural light and fresh air into homes with one call, one visit, and receive immediate revenue.”

Changing lives

Every product at Solatube Home is designed out of passion with a definite purpose. Our products are revolutionary and forward-looking. Solatube Home’s core focus is on installing ecologically safe, affordable, profitable, and effective products for home owners. Josh Rillie shares, “We have created our own niche in the home services sector business from a product that we invented. Our unique business model allows franchisees to install natural light and fresh air into homes with one call, one visit, and receive immediate revenue.”

Solatube Home is glad that it can amplify natural sunlight and enlighten homes naturally, but more than that it is proud to have transformed homes that were dark and dreary for years into homes that are bright and beautiful in a couple of hours. Josh exclaims, “Thirty years ago, we invented a unique product and grew it into a global daylighting empire. As a result of this incredible product, we created Solatube Home a revolutionary new home services sector business delivering natural light and fresh air in about 2 hours.” True to its purpose, Solatube Home has been a reason for putting many such smiles and tears of joy and happiness on many faces.


How’s the work culture at Solatube Home?

Work culture is said to be a major factor that has the potential to determine the success or failure of any organization. As work culture determines the quality of their employee’s work experience, it also has a deep impact on the kind of commitment employees will exhibit towards their work. Keeping in mind the importance of pleasant work culture, at Solatube Home, the work culture is deliberately kept transparent. Every individual, irrespective of his or her position is groomed to think independently, as a leader and express his or her views and opinions freely.

There are a set of core values, Solatube Home employees swear by. The employees and the leaders communicate with a clear intention to understand rather than being understood. This leads to a healthy belief of being understood first rather than views and beliefs being dumped on you. Everyone feels he or she is valued and will be understood. As success is a result of collective efforts, at Solatube Home, everyone works to add value to each other’s work and make things easy for each other. This collaborative work environment results in increased chances of success and when success arrives, there is no stealing of credit rather there is sharing of credits.

Apart from this, since in the business world every minute counts and time is money, procrastination has no scope and all the things are done right now and in a better way. To make things enjoyable, everyone at Solatube Home works on core principles like good is the enemy of great, embrace transparency, be respectful, work with passion, be positive and have fun. These principles not only make work a joyful experience but also lead to the achievement of extraordinary results which usually keeps eloping people.

Solatube Home franchise: Sharing success.

After helping to invent the tubular skylight, David was not after making money but rather was behind sharing his invention with humanity to bring a major change in their lives. Having seen people struggle with a basic necessity like electricity and light, David was eagerly finding ways to ensure that his invention not only lights up the houses of the rich but also the poor and the unprivileged ones. The invention was revolutionary but needed the correct mode to reach the ones who needed it the most.

However, in those days the only way to market the product was the conventional way of selling it. Hence David established a residential division and as the company grew and has a legacy of more than 30 years, they took to franchising as they wanted more people to join their mission of harnessing the natural sunlight. “At Solatube, we’ve always focused on providing immediate, meaningful impact for homeowners,” mentions David.

Pandemic and recession resilient business

 Through its franchise, Solatube Home aims to hand deserving entrepreneurs an opportunity to start their entrepreneurial journey with a world leading brand. Being in the mainstream business market for many years. Solatube Home does not need any recognition or prove its metal. With a proven business model and the leading products in the industry, Solatube Home offers entrepreneurs a chance to be a part of an industry with limited competition, with increased chances of success while creating a meaningful change in the world. Josh Rillie Director of Solatube Home asserts, “We have many company-owned stores, but now we feel it’s time to expand and give other motivate entrepreneurs an opportunity to be part of this revolutionary home service business opportunity.”

Besides, the home service industry is estimated to nearly double its growth to $680 billion by the year 2025. With limited competition, an amazing product line, and a pandemic and recession resilient business model, the demand for Solatube Home products is only going to increase. So, if one gets a 30 plus-year-old brand, robust business model, amazing product line, and increased chances of success, why would any entrepreneur go for anything else?

The ideal candidate

Solatube Home is very careful when it comes to choosing its franchise partner. They believe that franchise is not only about financial investment, but way more than that. It includes trust in the franchise, his abilities accompanied by a commitment to grow together.

Solatube Home expects its franchisees to be business-minded individuals with strong management skills and outstanding customer service who enjoy working with people. It is looking out for people who are good communicators, exceptionally good listeners, and can provide expert sales and service to homeowners. “A Solatube Home skylight and fresh air franchise lets independent owners take control of their futures while enjoying a satisfying, rewarding career,” emphasizes Josh.

Solatube Home is here to support

Having carefully studied and understood the concept of franchising, Solatube Home very well understands the importance of training and support. It very well knows that every aspect of the initial training, every lesson taught, and the post-training support is going to mold the franchise into a leader who will continue the legacy of the brand.

It strongly wants deserving entrepreneurs to be in the business for themselves but not by themselves. Hence to enable its franchises, Solatube Home provides them with all the success tools accompanied by comprehensive support to set up, market, and manage their business. Josh Rillie shares, “Here at Solatube Home we believe that we should be with our franchise owners every step of the way. Therefore, we provide franchisees with a full range of support from the University of Solatube at our campus in Vista, California, and onsite success management training at their new location. They can even work in our company stores if they would like.”

After the initial training, Solatube Home assigns a dedicated team of experts who accompanies the franchise owner at every step of their entrepreneurial journey. The initial phase of any business is filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Even a small failure has the potential to throw an Entrepreneur off the road and make him feel that success is not for him. However, having fought the harsh conditions of the mainstream business world for more than 30 years, Solatube Home understands these uncertainties and wants its franchises to be mentally prepared for such challenges, see them as a temporary situation that can be changed, accept them and overcome them to be glorious in their businesses.

Today, with almost no competitors matching their product and quality standards, Solatube Home is an undisputed leader. It is confident that even if the competition increases, with their self-invented industry-leading product line, efficient business model, and brand credibility they would continue to dominate the market. Speaking of their future ventures, Josh says, “We are currently focusing on expanding our franchising opportunities in the Salt Lake City, Utah; Reno, Nevada; and Phoenix Arizona.” A true winner, Solatube Home is indeed an industry leader for years to come.