Getting Ready with Solatube

Brighten Up Your Morning Ritual With Natural Solatube Light in Your Bathroom, Closet, and More



Solatube’s practical and powerful natural lighting systems work great in any setting, from massive office buildings and basketball courts to the smallest, most intimate spaces in your home. By installing daylighting in your bedroom, bathroom, and closet, you can make natural light part of your daily wake-up routine.

From the moment you wake up, you can experience the health benefits and the energizing effects of sunlight while you do all the little things you need to prepare for the day. Picking out your outfits, getting dressed, putting on makeup, washing your face, brushing your teeth—everything is a little easier, clearer, and brighter in the warm, calming glow of natural sunlight.

Natural Light in the Morning Gets Your Body on Track

Sunlight plays a role in regulating your body’s natural cycles. Human beings are diurnal creatures, which is to say we are animals that are active during the daytime. Circadian rhythm refers to our 24-hour cycle that governs body temperature, metabolism, and sleep, and it’s entirely determined by patterns of light and dark. When sunlight hits us, it sends a signal to our brains telling us that it is time to be awake and active

Getting natural light first thing in the morning will get your internal clock in sync with the natural daylight patterns of the seasons. You’ll feel more energized throughout the day, and sleep better at night. Sleep experts recommend getting exposure to natural sunlight as soon as you wake up in the morning, or within the first hour. With Solatube installed, even those with no time for an early walk can still get their dose of morning sun while they’re getting ready.

Working Sun Into Your Daily Routine is Also Good for Your Health

On an average day, people travel from one artificially lit indoor space to another, so they’re missing out on the many health benefits of sun exposure. Research shows sunlight is great for your physical and mental health. In addition to strengthening your bones by helping your body produce Vitamin D, sunlight has been shown to help reduce your risk of certain illnesses.

By installing daylighting in your bathroom, you will never have to worry about getting enough sun. You can get the health benefits of sun exposure by effortlessly working a little sun into your regimen while you prepare for your daily grind.

Sunlight Gets Your Mind Ready for the Day

Using natural sunlight as you prepare for your day can help you to get into the right mindset. Sunlight increases your body’s production of an important hormone known as serotonin, which elevates your mood while making you feel calm and more focused. Not getting the right amount of sun can have the opposite effect, causing anxiety and depression. Waking up and getting ready with the help of natural sunlight is better than a cup of coffee. It will provide you with that little mood boost that you need.


Everything Looks Beautiful in Natural Light—Including You

Natural light just makes everything look better. The best, most expensive artificial lighting pales in comparison to the richness and complexity of natural light. Even lighting that is intended to imitate sunlight, such as LEDs, falls short. Artificial lights are only capable of emitting a tiny fraction of the full color spectrum that daylight produces. With daylighting, when you look at your reflection, you are seeing a more accurate representation of your true self in all its glory.

As you get ready in the morning sunlight, your skin will look much brighter, healthier, and more natural than it does under artificial lighting, giving you more confidence to face the day. Natural daylighting is also a great aid for doing your hair or putting on makeup because the image you see in the mirror looks more like what the world sees when you walk out your front door.

Daylighting Is Great for Choosing Your Outfit, Too

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that looks great in the changing room, but when you look at yourself in the mirror while you’re wearing it out on the street, it looks completely different? That’s because changes in lighting have a profound effect on the appearance of clothes. Because artificial lighting doesn’t deliver the total spectrum, you’re not seeing your clothing’s true colors when you look into your wardrobe like you would with natural sunlight.

Installing daylighting into your closet space will make you see your clothes in a whole new light—literally. Compared to artificial lighting, natural light gives you a better idea of how your clothes look in the real world because you’ll be able to see the full vibrance of the colors and get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.




Cutting-edge tubular daylighting systems have the potential to revolutionize daily life for families across the world. In addition to providing cost-efficient lighting for living and dining spaces, they also provide a fresh way for folks to get ready for their days when installed in closets and bathrooms. To find out how you can install daylighting in your home, contact us at Solatube.