Daylighting in Style

“Home is where the heart is”,  “Mi Casa es Su Casa”,  “There’s no place like home”,  “Home is where you hang your hat”,  “You better be home in time for dinner” –Mom.

There are so many great quotes about home; they could fill a thousand Pinterest boards. That’s right, a thousand. It’s a launch point for most of life’s adventures and a returning sanctuary for when life’s adventures become … well … too adventurous.

Because “home” is such a powerful human concept, and because it means so much to us to BE HOME, our homes are a direct reflection of us. That doesn’t bode well for those of us who have messy and cluttered homes. But for the rest of us, our décor choices and the way we design our space makes home a happy place.

Because natural light is universally known to make you happier and your children behave better (click here for irrefutable proof) it has become a key component in modern home design. But, because you’ve made the decision to bring sunlight into your home, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the flat, yellowed, dirty plastic of conventional skylights.

With Solatube systems, you can install natural light into your home quickly with NO structural alterations. Add to that, you can choose from a variety of custom fixtures that match your décor. As you can see, we’re pretty fancy.

Take a look:

JustFrost: We decided not to get too clever with the name on this one. It’s our simplest and cleanest look. It’s got a minimalist feel designed to diffuse natural light while being unobtrusive.
TierDrop: Taking it up a notch, the Tier Drop fixture has a classy low-profile lens. It’s a modern profile for those looking to harness their inner Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (go ahead, he’s worth a Google).
OptiView: For the more spirited among us, the OptiView lens gives a kaleidoscopic view of the sky. Should we say psychedelic? Probably not, but its effects can mesmerize all day. This is a clean and artistic lens that will attract the eyes of all visitors.
QuadraFrost:If your home has a more classic look, the QuadraFrost will help keep it looking that way. Just because you have the most advanced tubular lighting technology in your home, doesn’t mean your fixture needs to be all techie looking.
AuroraGlo: Looking for classy? Look no further than the AuroraGlo. With an option of white or oil-rubbed bronze, this detailed fixture is hard to miss. It’s as upscale as you can be without owning a Bichon Frise named “Duchess”.
VividShade: For those whose design sense leans more towards the classic lines of Joseph Eichler, we present the VividShade. If you can keep up with the chic timelessness of our favorite fixture, DO IT. If not, we have safer options for you.

So if you’ve been holding back on a Solatube Daylighting System installation because you’re worried of being locked in to one “look”, we have the answer for you. With all these add-on features, you can easily customize your daylighting systems however you like to complement the unique style of your sanctuary.