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Architectural Solutions Team

Kingspan Light + Air is the global leader in daylighting, ventilation, and smoke management solutions for a sustainable built environment.  Our translucent walls, skylights, tubular daylighting devices, canopies, walkways, and smoke vents are engineered to optimize the role that natural light and air play in the design of advanced energy-efficient buildings and the health and well-being of their occupants.

Quality Solutions

Now that Kingspan Light & Air and Solatube International have joined forces, we offer a full range of standard and custom daylighting solutions built to perform across a wide array of conditions and set a higher standard for the quality and versatility of daylighting technology and integrated design solutions.

Connecting with our Customers

For the last three years, the focus has been on digital access and sales transformation. In 2023, we will continue to offer robust digital support, but we are renewing our efforts to connect with our customers and serve them on a more personal level.

Our Mission

Our newly-formed Architectural Solutions Team is to serve our clients as their comprehensive project partners for delivering the best customer experience in the market. Our team collaborates to create exceptional outcomes through the seamless integration of architectural daylighting design, through:

  • Product education and inspiration
  • Assistance in design
  • Full-service support from project start to finish

Services Available

  • Design Assistance
  • Testing and code information
  • Technical details
  • System performance analysis
  • Daylighting modeling
  • Preliminary structural review

Project Assistance

We are here to help! Your Project Designer is a daylighting industry expert who:

  • Assists with product selection and system design
  • Helps identify exact daylighting needs for your project
  • Models alternate design solutions when needed
  • Provides daylighting inspiration package with images that can be shared with your clients and design team
  • Designs solutions with your exact budget and performance goals in mind
  • Provides budgetary pricing during conceptual design and design development

Are you ready to start planning your next project?

Our Architectural Solutions Team currently covers California, Texas, Florida, Washington and Oregon.

Our general distribution network covers all US markets.

No matter where you are, you can count on our knowledge and experience to help make your project a success!