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In The News

Product roundup: 12 inventive ceiling + acoustical systemsBuilding Design + Construction 

August 2017

Product Roundup: 12 Inventive Ceiling + Acoustical Systems

Solatube Introduces SolaMaster 300 DSFacility Executive 

August 2017

Solatube Introduces SolaMaster 300 DS

Stacking Technology for Energy EfficiencyMetal Architecture

August 2017

Stacking Technology for Energy Efficiency

Daylighting Products: Solar Electric NightLight by SolatubeArchitectural Lighting

May 2017

Daylighting Products: Solar Electric NightLight by Solatube

Net Zero Buildings 

March 2017

Tubular Daylighting

Study on Reflectivity & Tubular Daylighting SystemsCommercial Construction & Renovation

April 2017

Study on Reflectivity & Tubular Daylighting Systems

Commercial Construction & Renovation

November/December 2016

Gold Standard


November 2016

Setting the Natural Light 'Gold Standard'


June 2016

Let There Be (Natural) Light


August 2016

5 Companies Leading the Charge on Net Zero Building

Skylights: Tubular Skylight - SolatubeOnTheHouse.com

May 2016

Skylights: Tubular Skylight - Solatube

Modular Advantage

May 2016

Ralston Middle School

College Planning & Management

Nov 2015

Student Center Goes From Dreary to Vibrant

School Planning and Management

Oct 2015

Daylighting Leads to a More Engaging Environment

Professional Roofing

Oct 2015

Shedding Light on Daylighting

Retrofit Magazine

Sept/Oct 2015

Education Projects: Allegheny College

College Planning & Management

September 2015

Can TDDs Impact Funding?

Roofing Magazine

July 2015

Building Back after Devas


July 2015

Daylighting Provides Extra Benefits in Upscale Supermarket

Commerical Construction & Renovation

July 2015

Embrace Daylight and Reduce Energy in Big Spaces

Bob Vila

June 2015

Seven Ways to Open Up a Windowless Bathroom

Commercial Building Products

June 2015

Daylighting Success Linked to Occupants

Building Design + Construction

April 2015

Bigger, brighter daylighting in Byerly's Supermarket

Commercial Building Products

April 2015

Daylight at the Convention

Green Builder

April 2015

Tubular Daylighting Devices: Abundant Light, Drastically Reduced Heat Transfer

College Planning & Management

August 2014

Daylighting Enhances School Interior

Retrofit Magazine

May/June 2014

Case Study: Challenged Athletes Foundation

ED+C Magazine

May 2014

The Importance of a Daylighting System

Enlighten Magazine

February 2014

Let there be (DAY)LIGHT!

School Planning & Management

January 2014

School District Adds Daylighting with Solatube






Vista Chamber of Commerce, Heroes of Vista Award

April 2015

Robert Westfall wins Business Person of the Year.


GreenBuilder Magazine, Editor’s Choice: Hot 50 Products

April 2015 issue

The editors of GreenBuilder Magazine have chosen the Solatube SkyVault Series as one of the Top 50 Eco-Friendly Products


Metal Architecture Magazine, 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards

April 2015 issue

Solatube SkyVault Series is one of the 20 products that received the most leads from being featured in the editorial content of the magazine.


Architectural Lighting, 2015 Annual Product Issue

May/June 2015 issue

Solatube SkyVault with Collector was selected as part of their annual review, seeking to present diversity of both products and manufacturers. 


Architectural Lighting, 2015 Annual Product Issue

May/June 2015 issue

Solatube SkyVault with Collector was selected as part of their annual review, seeking to present diversity of both products and manufacturers. 






Solatube Commercial Overview

Solatube On the Scene: Beacon Park Elementary

Solatube On the Scene: Mesa Rim Climbing Gym

Rick D'Amato, LPA Architects

SkyVault Overview

SkyVault Technology

Solatube Smart LED Systems

Solatube Daylighting Systems

Solatube Daylighting Systems in CA's First Net Zero Classroom

Solatube Manifesto

The Big Reveal



Media Kit

Solatube International Company Fact Sheet 

Daylighting Facts and Figures  


Customer Testimonials

Hays Consolidated Independent School District 


Press Releases

Solatube International Celebrates 25th Anniversary 

Solatube Announces New Commerical Distributor in the Midwest-Jan 13, 2016 

Solatube Announces New Daylight Dimmer for SkyVault-Nov 18, 2015 

Solatube Announces New Thermal Insulation Panel-Sept 10, 2015 

Solatube International Expands and is Joined by Pario Innovation Center-July 28, 2015 

National Daylight Appreciation Day 2015-May 26, 2015 

NYC Daylighting Named a Winner in RISE: NYC Competition-April 30, 2015 

Modular School Buildings Move to Net Zero Press-March 10, 2015 

Solatube Aids DPR Construction-Dec 15, 2014 

Solatube Wins 2014 Most Innovative Product Award-Dec 9, 2014 

SkyVault Collector Launch-July 10, 2014 

SkyVault with Amplifier Launch-Dec 3, 2013 

SkyVault Launch News-July 10, 2013 

SkyVault Series Launch-2013  

Solatube Smart LED Launch-2013