tūbE Awards!

Roll out the silver carpet for the tūbE awards! Exclusively for the 2024 Premier Dealer Conference, nominate your dealership or someone from your dealership for a fun award. Earn prizes, recognition - and most importantly - bragging rights amongst your fellow dealers! (And maybe a few extra drink tickets?!)

How do these tūbE awards work? Scroll there now.

tūbE Award Categories

Marketing Category

Best Before/After Photos

Show off your installer's artistic touch!

Best Marketing Promotion

Tell us about the promotion that worked the best for you and what the results were.

Reviews Category

Best Review Story

Did a 1-star review turn into a 5-star review? "There's a story behind that review." We want to hear it!

Best Google Review

Get your reviewers to post on Google! Google is where it needs to be to take home this tūbE!

Best Overall Review

Got a great review on Yelp or another platform? Share your best review!

Longest Tenured Category


Talk about bragging rights!! Who's been with us the longest? Submit your dated original dealer agreement, oldest invoice from Solatube, or any other documentation authenticating your status as the longest tenured dealer.


Nominate an employee that is a mainstay in your dealership who may qualify as the longest tenured dealership employee in the network. Submit a copy of a job invoice with the installer's name, the original offer letter, etc. Employee need not be present to win.

Installation Category

(residential only; submit photo documentation)

Most Unique Install

Did your team do something that's never been done?

Largest Installation (Number of Products)

Any combination of residential Solatube products. Who can beat 20??

Longest Linear Foot Tube Run

Best Installer

Tell us why your installer should win the coveted tūbE! Installer need not be present to win.

Craziest Installation Experience

"We were at this job one day, and...(fill in the blank)."

Best Customer Connection

We've all got a customer story about how our products made a life changing impact on a homeowner. Submit yours to win a tūbE.


How do these new tūbE awards work? Simply send an email to your Success Manager detailing why your dealership should be awarded a coveted tūbE. Photos and videos are encouraged.


Applications must be received by January 19, 2024.


All dealers attending the 2024 Premier Dealer Conference. The dealership must be represented by at least one team member to take home a tūbE Award.

  • Dealership must attend 2024 Premier Dealership Conference to win.
  • All awards are for residential applications only.
  • Nominations must be submitted by January 19, 2024 to your Success Manager.

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